United Excel Completes Final Design Review for Medical Treatment Facility Modernization Project at Vance AFB, OK

United Excel recently completed the final design review for the Medical Treatment Facility Modernization project at Vance AFB, OK. More than 10 individuals representing the multi-disciplinary project team attended on behalf of United Excel, including project managers, architects, MEP/FP engineers, field personnel, the key mechanical and electrical trade partners, and the initial outfitting personnel (IO project manager, transition planner and equipment planner).

On the government side, the team included the facility manager, local USACE project manager, base field marshal, AFMSA representatives and Little Rock USACE. As is customary for a design-build initial outfitting project, the designers and initial outfitting team worked in hand with construction management from the project’s inception.

Detailed design development kicked off in December 2016 with a design charrette conference at the base, during which the United Excel team and the government collaborated to discuss the project’s mutual goals and requirements.The design was further refined over the next several months through four comprehensive design work plans that included progressively more detail with each submission. A two-day resolution conference was held following each design submission to review and resolve comments on the work plan prior to the next submission.

The team navigated numerous challenges throughout the design process. Special planning was required to ensure the new access control and low voltage systems were coordinated with the unique existing facility-wide system.

The team also faced the challenge of providing a solution that would fully meet code and functional requirements within tight building constraints. For instance, the project required the provision of a treatment and training room that would serve multiple functional purposes within a very compact space. The team assembled multiple mock-ups to determine the best layout for the space, with attention to the most optimal arrangement and type of equipment.

To enable construction to commence as soon as feasible following completion of design, the temporary phasing facility (TPF) design was fast-tracked on a separate design submittal process.

The team recently started construction of the TPF, and is currently working on connecting the utilities and MEP infrastructure. The first move into the TPF will be in January, at which time Phase 1 of the three-phase project will commence.

A major objective of this 34,000 sf DBIO project is to update the HVAC system, fire protection and other failing systems to optimize efficiency and make them code compliant. The scope also includes right sizing and modernizing Pathology & Clinical Laboratory, the Patient Centered Medical Home (aka Isolation Room and a Simulation Room) and portions of the Dental Clinic.

A portion of the Preventive Medicine Department (aka “Bioenvironmental Engineering (BEE)”) will also be relocated to the main medical campus, and a conditioned parking bay added to the existing Ambulance Garage.  In addition, anti-terrorism/force protection (AT/FP) measures will be added to the building, which involves replacing all of the exterior windows and doors with blast resistant windows and doors, and reconfiguring the parking lot. Construction will be complete in August 2019.

United Excel’s key design and trade partners are as follows: United Excel Design (architectural design), KAI Design & Build (mechanical, electrical and plumbing design), Mill Creek (furniture, equipment and transition planning), Luckinbill, Inc. (mechanical subcontractor), and KC Electric (electrical subcontractor).