Keller Community Hospital

Location West Point, New York
Square Footage 40,030 SF

This complex design-build project encompasses more than 40,030 SF of extensive renovations for Keller Army Community Hospital on the beautiful West Point Military Academy. The overall program goals are centered on providing cost-effective world class medical facilities. Key construction areas include pharmacy, audiology, general surgery, women’s health, occupational health, oral maxillofacial surgery clinic, ER, laboratory expansion, primary care support, patient administration, equipment management, plant maintenance, logistics, IMD/data center and all public spaces, including lobbies, waiting rooms, and restrooms. Major mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems will be repaired or replaced to extend the useful life of building support systems. The building’s envelope will also be repaired and replaced to meet current codes, sustainable guidelines and UFC criteria. All departments will remain fully operational throughout construction.

Design-Build Construction & Initial Outfitting - Keller Community Hospital