Shawnee Mission Health Critical Care Expansion

Location Merriam, Kansas
Square Footage 227,050 SF

The Critical Care Services Expansion of Shawnee Mission Health (SMH) provides one of the region’s busiest hospitals with critical space, advanced medical technology and expanded amenities to support SMH’s commitment to being “the regional beacon of wellness, hope and healing for holistic compassionate care.” The project ultimately added 227,050 SF to the hospital, including 39 exam rooms, 60 patient rooms, 35 ambulatory critical care rooms, 22 patient care rooms and 505 plumbing fixtures. United Excel attacked the budget problems by focusing on improving constructability means and methods, negotiating competitive subcontractor packaging and analyzing pricing value/life cycle cost efficiencies. By getting the schedule back on track, the Critical Care Center was open for business three months earlier than the originally scheduled completion date.