UEC Completes Phase 5C Lab/SIPC at Luke Air Force Base

UEC recently completed Phase 5C Lab/SIPC in the Dental Clinic at Luke AFB. The phase was particularly challenging because renovations were conducted adjacent to active clinics. Further, the team encountered and was subsequently required to expediently navigate unforeseen conditions, while maintaining the project schedule, such as floor depressions that had to be leveled. This was a critical path phase (a phase that drives the schedule because a delay will have a negative impact on the end date).

Awarded in 2014, this DBIO project is intended to reconfigure, right size and realign service lines to modernize the Luke Medical/Dental Clinic to address the growing obsolescence of the facility, accommodate the demands of its outpatient mission, consolidate medical assets, upgrade infrastructure and meet the ongoing healthcare needs of the beneficiary population.

Various levels of renovation to buildings 1130, 1135, 1146 and 1514 are required. This project also includes divestment of building 1107, requiring the relocation of Flight Medicine, BEE and Occupational Health to the main medical treatment facility, and relocation of the Vet Clinic to building 1146.

The project is scheduled to be completed in December 2017. All in all, it includes 27 phases, many of which are concurrent. In July, the project will be undergoing six concurrent phases in a huge push to complete the job, including the critical path Phase 5d: Dental Clinic North/East. Thank you to all involved for your hard work in ensuring this project is completed on schedule and to complete customer satisfaction.