United Excel Wins KC St. Patrick’s Day Parade Chairman’s Choice Award

United Excel triumphed more 130 contenders to win this year’s Chairman’s Choice Award at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Kansas City. “We made a very good showing with our unique parade entry,” said Derek Campbell, Estimator, United Excel. United Excel’s float was a depiction of St. Patrick driving the snakes into the sea, hearkening back to the legend on how he banished them out of Ireland after they attacked him during a fast.

Jake Conkin acted as St. Patrick, driving three giant “snakes” down the parade route. Beth Ott led and choreographed the 15 people who operated the snakes. Approximately 20 people wearing snake masks walked behind a flatbed truck (operated by Bill Kenyon) that symbolized the sea. Among those in attendance was the General Consul of Ireland, who raved about how good United Excel’s entry looked, and how well it was put together, elaborating that he loved how we captured the theme of the parade with our float, while illustrating the story of St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland.

The Chairman’s Choice award is given out each year to the float that the co-chairs of the parade deem to be the best entry. Among other factors, floats were judged by their relevance to the theme of the parade, which was “Peace. Love. Irish.” Other criteria included adherence to the parade rules, which United Excel accomplished flawlessly.